Welcome to St. Paxton S2 E22 – Divine Intervention

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You ever feeling like someone was secretly monitoring your progress, or checking in on you? Yeah, us too! Tune in to the next episode, and catch up with the harrowing adventures of the St. Paxton crew.

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Episodes star Mike, Steph, Ben, Fred, Staci, and Veronica. It was edited by Steph Kingston and produced by Hiroshi. The opening and closing theme, and many of the other wonderous musical arrangements found within, were created by Rob Anderson.

You can now follow the show’s Twitter @StPaxtonPodcast.

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Welcome to St. Paxton is an actual play of the Pulp Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game, but we still homebrewed some rules. Tell your friends!

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  1. I love this podcast so much but have got very frustrated with the mechanics lately. I have had several episodes skip or crash mid episode. No big deal, it happens. But why can’t we skip ahead to where it glitches? Instead have to listen to the full ep at 1x speed to see if it is fixed. Over and over.

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