Yer a Wizard, Harry – Book 3, Episode 19: The Servant of Lord Voldemort

By Sarah Tompkins on

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Has been described as: "shorter than I thought you would be" and "can you please face the wall when you talk?"



A long time ago, in a Wizarding School far, far in…the norths of Scotland(?), the heroes of our podcast joined together to bravely take on an entire world of magic – the Grim, the evil Dark Lord…and also some kind of gross jellybeans?

This week, we consider removing all T’s from our vocabulary, try to gauge Pettigrew’s level of intelligence, discuss freelance Grimin’, and trudge through another round of the Quizzich Cup (which, like Harry’s future, is looking more and more bleak).

Finally, beloved segment Assorted Personalities returns with a galactic twist (contentious choices that Star Wars fans will surely argue).

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  1. Can’t agree with Sarah about Cassian Andor being a Hufflepuff though she did make some good arguments. But dude is definitely a Gryffindor. All that selfless courage and general blandness of personality screams Gryff.

    But you really missed the most obvious recent Hufflepuff, Sarah. And a great one at that. Finn is Huffle to the core!

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