Yer a Wizard, Harry – Book 3, Episode 20: The Dementor’s Kiss

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season3-text ♫ It’s just a Dementor’s kiss, ♫

♫ Not like I faint every time we touch. ♫

This week, the Dementors fall in love and try to smooch people.  Also, the trio discuss their love/hate relationship with the Prisoner of Azkaban movie!

Are Sarah and Bijaya still fighting to beat Michael for the Quizzich Cup or have they thrown in the towel? Listen to this week’s episode and find out!

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  1. If you all haven’t seen this, Mikey makes a compelling case that this movie is not only the best of the HP franchise but one of the most influential big budget movies in recent memory, period. I don’t love this book at all but I remember being astonished by how the series came to life in this movie after 2 very forgettable installations. Maybe if I was a bigger fan of the books (like you all are), the changes would bother me more. But as far as I’m concerned, this movie represents the first time that the series felt like it existed in a real place that I cared about.

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