Yer a Wizard, Harry – Book 3, Episode 21: Hermione’s Secret

By Sarah Tompkins on

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Has been described as: "shorter than I thought you would be" and "can you please face the wall when you talk?"



Great Scott! Fire up your Delorean, hop in that TARDIS, or find a hot tub, because we are about to take a very linear path back to…just a few hours ago, apparently. 

This week, we uncover Hermione’s Secret (and no, it’s not an elaborate fantasy involving Dean Thomas, a Quick Quotes Quill, and the Forbidden Forest), and have a (shockingly!) civil discussion about time travel, its repercussions, and its place in the Harry Potter universe.

The Quizzich Cup is looking very bleak – will we have a Golden Snitch moment, however impossible it is? It seems the only thing that could save our heroes is a Time Turner.  

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