Yer a Wizard, Harry – Book 3, Episode 21: Hermione’s Secret

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Great Scott! Fire up your Delorean, hop in that TARDIS, or find a hot tub, because we are about to take a very linear path back to…just a few hours ago, apparently. 

This week, we uncover Hermione’s Secret (and no, it’s not an elaborate fantasy involving Dean Thomas, a Quick Quotes Quill, and the Forbidden Forest), and have a (shockingly!) civil discussion about time travel, its repercussions, and its place in the Harry Potter universe.

The Quizzich Cup is looking very bleak – will we have a Golden Snitch moment, however impossible it is? It seems the only thing that could save our heroes is a Time Turner.  

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  1. Dumbledore stalled in order to have that window of time to allow for correction. He already planned to alter the timeline. The cause to alter the timeline was Dumbledore. They wouldn’t have done it otherwise. We read most all the books through Harry’s POV. You can only have one memory of time. That’s how time is supposed to work in this universe. This is why it’s important that they don’t witness all these events because that would cause it to be catastrophic. If someone went back in time and prevented someone from being born, then no one would remember who that person was because they never existed (which is why you aren’t supposed to alter the timeline because bad juju happens.) Theoretically(because we don’t see it happen), Buckbeak and Sirius die, but Harry and Hermione alter the timeline so they live. They remember it one way because everything happens simultaneously (technically). Altering time also altered their memories.

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