Yer a Wizard, Harry – Book 4, Episode 19: The Hungarian Horntail

By Sarah Tompkins on

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Has been described as: "shorter than I thought you would be" and "can you please face the wall when you talk?"


This is a super fun, high stakes live Jeopardy-style quiz show: What is the SECOND and FINAL task of the Tri-Quizzard Tournament, Alex.

This week, we are introduced to our second and incredibly nerve-wracking task (more trivia but with people!), Harry secretly learns about his own terrifying task, and Bijaya talks to us about some gd dragons.

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  1. I’m a truck driver who works anywhere between 14 & 20 hours a day. I couldn’t live without my geekly inc. I’ve listened to drunks&dragons 17 times straight through. I’m super greatful to find this hilarious podcast to fill the hours in my long days. Keep it up guys and thanks!

  2. Hey! I got a questions for you guys. As of right now I just started listening to DnD (got a long way to go) and I just noticed this HP pod cast and also that it goes chapter by chapter. Since unfortunately I’ve never read any of the books, would you guys recommend me start reading them, but following each chapter with each pod cast episode?

    • Hi Anthony. If you have never read the books, I would def. say read them (I may be biased). You can follow the podcast but I will warn you about spoilers – we try not to but they slip out a few times. Definitely read and listen though :).

      Sorry about the late reply!

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