Yer a Wizard, Harry – Book 4, Episode 7: Bagman and Crouch

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Canteens out, campers! We’re heading to the Scottish moors to do some glamping and catch a game.

This week we learn that there are other people in the world besides British people, we get a tour of some pretty sweet tents, and we talk about the logistics of politics in the Wizarding World (because who doesn’t want to talk about politics some more). AND more Tri-Quizzard Tournament – this time with fewer ties and more comradery.

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  1. I think the politics is a bit confused because the original idea was probably a bit different in the initial book(s). The ministry/minister of magic business seems like it is a part of the muggle government – so in the UK there are various government departments, and the politician in charge of those (usually an elected MP of the ruling party) is the ‘minister of such-and-such’ – so you would have the Ministry of Defence, managed by the Minister of Defence. So it seems like it’s originally set up that Ministry of Magic is just a very whimsical part of the muggle government. I think it was only later that JK decided it was a completely separate magical nation.

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