Yer a Wizard Harry Season 5 Kickstarter

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! It’s our Season 5 Kickstarter!

That’s right! We’re doing another season of Yer a Wizard Harry but we need your help in making the 38 episodes – just a little love in exchange for our time and podcasting skills. Not to mention, we want you to get super cool rewards! 

Apparate – don’t walk – to get some/a few/all of the following rewards:

  • Signed postcard
  • Stickers featuring art from all 5 seasons
  • Order of the Phoenix patch
  • Temporary tattoo to remind you that you should not tell lies
  • T-shirt/tank featuring Jesse Carlton’s art 
  • DA coins
  • Hand knit scarf by Bijaya
  • Geeklycon fun including Secret Voldemort and LARP
  • Online fun including guest spots, D&D with Michael, and online RPG with Sarah and Bijaya

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