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Hello Geeklies! Your resident “horrorphiles”, Meagan Varney and I, have put ourselves to the test to provide you with enough spooky films to get your through this Halloween season. Each week, we will release a new article with 7 horrifyingly haunting movies to keep you awake and wondering what really is making that creaking noise down the hallway. The majority of these movies will be available on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. Also, we are going to try and steer clear of the ones that always make horror movie lists. Of course we all love HalloweenThe Shining, or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but we want to provide you with horror movies that you may not have watched yet so you that will get the best scares possible. So grab your popcorn, turn off all the lights, and get ready to scare your pants off.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)


Horror-Comedy as a genre is a contradiction. “But – it’s gory and scary and gross, and also, I laughed? Am I a terrible person?” The answer – you’re not. You understand the seriousness of a situation but are also trying to cope with it with the only thing to lift anxiety at the worst of times – laughter. For me, this movie is the ultimate. It centers around Tucker and Dale, two friends who are having a nice vacation in their mountain cabin when they encounter a bunch of rowdy college students who truly defy stereotypes. Fun, silly, self-aware and smart, this film understands what it is and crushes it. I highly recommend this to kick off the Halloween season and ease you into the month of scares. It’s wonderful and fun – what more do you need?

Darknet (2013)


So this might somewhat be cheating on this list, but our next pick is a Canadian horror television show. The show is comprised of 6 episodes that have loosely intertwined stories and feature tales of the macabre and terrifying. A few different themes in the show are dangerous intruders, sinister family members, murderous strangers, and the dangers of what you can get into on the darkest reaches of the internet. With each episode around 30 minutes, this is definitely something that is binge-able on a dark and creepy October night.

Scream: The Series (2015)


Another series but this one is a take on Scream anthology of movies. The series focuses on a group of high school students whose town has been rocked with the death of a classmate. After the death, mysterious things start happening around the town. As things start escalating, it is discovered that a killer from many years ago seems to have resurfaced and is taking their vengeance out on this group of friends. Who is the killer? Will they be caught? Who dies next? This show answers these questions in a highly formulaic and predictable way, but is an entertaining series that can be your new guilty pleasure horror series.

Zombeavers (2014)


What happens when you cross radioactive waste and beavers? ZOMBEAVERS!!! In this throwback to “B-style” horror flicks, Zombeavers mixes comedy and horror into this wonderfully campy film. A group of female friends travel to a cabin to get away from their boyfriends (or ex-boyfriend, in one case) and just spend some time bonding. Well after the boyfriends sneak to the cabin, all hell starts breaking loose as the zombie beavers start attacking. Will the friends make it out alive and back to civilization? Or will they become the next victims of these beavers that have a taste for human blood?!

The VVitch (2015)


So this film was mostly reviewed (at least from all that I read/heard) as a total bust. “But it isn’t even scary?!” some might quip. However, what The VVitch does really well and why it is a pick on the list is that it is an unsettling movie. There are things that happen that just set your teeth on edge, make you cover your eyes, or put you on the verge of a panic attack. When a Thomasin and her family are cast out of their village in 1630 America, they are left to survive in the harsh wilderness. Setting up a little farm on a plot of land by the forest, things go well for a short period of time. But then when strange things start happening, the family becomes obsessed with threats of witchcraft and black magic. Is the devil lurking in the woods, making pacts with the family? Or is there just another case of witchcraft hysteria striking the family?

Haunter (2013)


A young girl wakes up everyday and finds the monotony of her life utterly boring. But then she starts to realize that perhaps it isn’t just her normal life that is boring her to death. Discovering that she is stuck in a time loop and is apparently the only one aware, Lisa starts testing the boundaries of her life and how she can get out of the loop. As time continues though, will Lisa discover her way out or will she be stuck forever living as though everyday is Groundhog Day?

We Are Still Here (2015)


Shot in a very retro style, We Are Still Here is a horror movie that takes place between Paul and Anne, a married couple who recently moved to the countryside after the death of their son. However, their move isn’t as relaxing as they think, when they find out that their perfect home and new town have a dark secret. As they have to fight with the living and the dead, Paul and Anne fight for not only their lives, but their and their son’s soul.

So here you have our first 7 picks for our top horror movies to kick off our “31 Horrors of Halloween”. Make sure to check out next week with our second round of picks and a new list of horrors to haunt your nights and turn your dreams into nightmares.

Want to put your pick in for horror movies that should make our next cut? Make sure to comment below or tweet at Meagan or myself on Twitter. You can find Meagan and I on Twitter @westingreader and @Nika_Howard.

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