Amazon Lightning Deals for 7-24-2012

By Michael DiMauro on

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Amazon has made a habit of  doing an all games lightning deal day each month, and this one is completely free of exercise games and family fun (thankfully). Google and common sense have made the deals pretty easy to work out, the only head-scratcher is the 3:00 PM deal.

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6:00 AM PDT – Clue: Shred away the summer heat.

  • SSX

8:00 AM PDT – Clue: This game will have your knees shaking as you feel like you’re truly in the ring.

  • WWE ’12

10:00 AM PDT – Clue: Action RPG Meets First Person Shooter – Game of the Year Edition!

  • Borderlands GOTY Edition

12:00 PM PDT – Clue: Lightning strikes in the great groundbreaking collector’s edition

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector’s Edition

3:00 PM PDT – Clue: Enjoy your vacation with this horror thriller

  • Sounds like Alan Wake but most likely is Dead Island

5:00 PM PDT – Clue: Feel the Payne!

  • Max Payne 3

8:00 PM PDT – Clue: For the serious fighting game enthusiast!

  • Mad Catz Street Fighter X Tekken – Arcade FightStick PRO


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