Bethesda E3 Press Conference

By Patrick Rankin on


Bethesda Softworks opened the E3 press conferences last night with a bang. To get things going, the team at iD Software came out, quite literally with guns blazing*, and gave us a lengthy play through of the new Doom. Holy crap does Doom look amazing. Ultra violent, goofy and reminiscent of the classic. Check it out!

Next, the fellas at Arkane Studios shuffled on to the stage and hit us over the head with Dishonored 2. Female assassin protagonist, gorgeous world and you can turn into the smoke monster from Lost! They are also bringing out a Dishonored Definitive Edition, so if you missed out on this great game…now is your chance.

There were a couple small looks at Elder Scroll Online, Elder Scrolls Legends (a strategy card game. yes please) and finally a new IP in BATTLECRY.

That’s it, that wraps up Bethesda’s conference. Pretty solid over all….oh wait, I forgot to mention

FALLOUT 4! FALLOUT 4! FALLOUT 4! You guys, did you see the demo? Did you hear the music?!?!? There’s a build in tower defense game where you build up a survivor colony. You can build multiple colonies and have trade caravans go throughout! Customize your weapons and armor! A dog companion! V.A.T.S.! Collectors edition with Pip Boy! Pip Boy app for your phone! At this point I’m too excited to form sentences and am just shouting incoherently about things in the trailer. Watch it here….oh yea, it releases this November. 11/10/15, be still my heart. (There is also a Fallout mobile game Fallout Shelter which is quite fun)

*the guns in Doom were blazing. the old white dude who announced it was, sadly, without aforementioned guns. So i guess they figuratively came out guns blazing, but I’m a fancy pants prone to hyperbole….

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