Brute Force – Episode 22 – The King is a Wiener

By Adam Bash on


The Brute Force meet a deposed crown prince and learn more about Agarion’s intentions leading up to that treacherous tomb in Denderast.

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If you haven’t already secured your tickets to GeeklyCon 2017, now is a great time. I mean it’s been a great time already, but now is extra great. Long live House Cinderheart.

Brute Force features Adam Bash as the storyteller, Carly Shields as Lola, John Caulfield as Mort McCoy, Bijaya Shrestha as Mirka, and Patrick Rankin as Ezra. We play a heavily refluffed version of World of Darkness set in the mystical lands of Eorith.

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One comment

  1. Definitely not caught up yet, but loving the podcast so far… With one exception.

    OH MY GOD, please, please, PLEASE don’t eat on mic! I’m currently powering through because story and exposition, but I’ve had to stop and take a break several times. That one bagel nearly got me to quit listening.

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