Dreadful Thoughts – Burning Questions and Heated Fanfic

By Mike Bachmann on


The internet is a place of learning, dear listeners. Join us as we walk the hallowed halls of Yahoo Answers in search of wisdom. What sort of budget do you need to bring someone 2014-07-22_1back from the dead? What should you do if your boyfriend is a werewolf? We’re asking the hard hitting questions and getting some answers.

Without Steph to reign us in we also delved deep into the world of Penny Dreadful fanfic.


The internet is a strange and glorious place full of wisdom and sin. Tune in.




Your hosts are Ashleigh Shadowbrook (@ShadowbrookAsh), Nika Howard (@nika_howard), Brad Brockway (@bsquared_yo), and Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston).

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