Dreadful Thoughts: Episode 3 Good and Evil Braided Be

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Little scorpions we are here to bring you our discussion of Penny Dreadful‘s third episode this season, “Good and Evil Braided Be”. In this episode we see Ethan and Hecate traveling through the desert and having deep conversations about good and evil. Malcolm and Kaetaney make up the distance between them and Ethan and discuss if Ethan can still be saved. Meanwhile in jolly ole London, Vanessa and Dr. Seward have a breakthrough and we learn a tasty secret from a person in Vanessa’s past. Victor and Jekyll make a plan to become mad scientist partners, Caliban discovers his past, and Dorian, Lilly, and Justine start to wage war. There was a lot in this episode and your hosts, Brad Brockway (@bsquared_yo) and Nika Howard (@Nika_Howard) take you through fun house and bathe you in blood.

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  1. I believe the character, Justine, to be a version of De Sade’s from the book The Misfortunes of Virtue but have yet to hear you mention it. Please discuss.

  2. We have talked about it among ourselves, but I am very much hoping that it is not supposed to represent her. The time period is too off for me and it doesn’t make sense in the grand scheme of the show to include De Sade, and not pull from a character in a similar “supernatural” style literary work. I am thinking that as we get to know Justine more, we will definitely have more thoughts on her throughout the season!!

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