Dreadful Thoughts: “Predators Near and Far”

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"Coffee or Demons?" Totally normal Penny Dreadful date

“Coffee or Demons?” Totally normal Penny Dreadful date

Welcome little scorpions to the second episode of this season of Penny Dreadful. In this episode, titled “Predators Near and Far”, we see what a Victorian date with Ives and Dr. Sweet is like and what “getting coffee really means”. Then we travel to Africa and meet up with Sir Malcolm and learn of how much he enjoys boats and get a treat sized bite of Ethan and Kaetenay’s history through a drug induced dream sequence. And to top it all off we follow Renfield and find out a very sweet reveal! So grab your gravy boats, rejoice because the bells have stopped ringing for Tennyson, and get to listening!


Your hosts are Ashleigh Shadowbrook (@ShadowbrookAsh), Nika Howard (@nika_howard), Brad Brockway (@bsquared_yo), and Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston). OH! And also we have a special guest with us this week to make the episode extra tasty, John Caulfield (@Noodzer)!

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  1. So I was listening to your podcast last night for last weeks penny dreadful Predator Near and Far and I have a theory that Dr. Jeckyll may have already injected himself thats how he discovered that the serum worked because he experimented on himself first which is why he has such extremes feeling love for mom and hate for dad. Also I think judging by the promo for this week depending on who Vanessa chooses Ethan she will be saved, Dracula she will fall to the darkness will be the theme for this season just a thought. Love your Podcast by the way!

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