Fistful of Pixels Episode 2 – Pogs

By Mike Bachmann on


Fistful of Pixels - Low Res Logo
Surprise again! You thought you were just getting that one episode, didn’t you? Well we’re doubling up! This time and this time only, we’re giving you a double dose of Fistful of Pixels! We want to really drive it home. This is a thing we’re doing. Like it or not!

…but please like it!

In case you forgot, Fistful of Pixels is an improvisational podcast where you, the listener, submit fake video game titles that you made up and we, the hosts, talk about what that video game might be. If we like it, we steal it and make millions of dollars at your expense! Or we’ll just make jokes. So check us out! You can find us right here on the site for now, but we’ll be on iTunes and other podcast services once we’ve got a couple of episodes in the feed.

Want to submit your own titles to Fistful of Pixels? Great! We need your submissions to keep us going! Send us a tweet to @FistfulofPixels and we’ll try to include it in an upcoming episode!

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