Game of Thrones: An Ode to Season 4

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An Ode to Season 4

Winter is Coming,
but the pack is dispersed.
the cold at the Wall is numbing,
and these almost reunions are the worst.
Jon fights the Wildlings,
a kid shoots Ygritte in the back.
Sansa’s new dress looks like raven wings,
and she saves Petyr from catching flack.
Arya learns to kill men,
but leaves the Hound to slowly die.
Bran wargs into Hodor time and again,
he will never walk again but he will fly.

Growing Strong,
and climbing even higher.
whether regicide is right or wrong,
with whom did Olenna conspire?
Margaery will be two times a Queen,
Loras and Cersei are to wed.
Tommen certainly seems very keen,
while Loras is probably filled with dread.

Hear me Roar,
and quiver at its sound.
Jaime is trying to keep the oath he swore,
he helps Tyrion escape, though he’s honor bound.
Cersei wants vengeance for her murdered son,
she ain’t gonna marry Loras, no way no how.
Joffrey drinks wine and seizes till he’s forever done,
with Ser Pounce by his side, Tommen is King now.
Tyrion is accused of murder,
Shae testifies against him and gets in Tywin’s bed.
Tyrion strangles Shae then finds Tywin on the shitter,
and there he shoots his father dead.

We do not Sow,
but where’s our Prince?
At the hands of Ramsay, Theon has sunken pretty low,
his name has even been changed to Reek since.
Yara tries to rescue her brother,
but Theon’s gone and with the dogs, Reek must stay.
To capture Moat Cailin, Reek must pretend to be some other,
he succeeds and Ramsay’s happy – yay?

Fire and Blood,
then sit around some more.
that Daario Naharis is quiet a stud,
he almost makes Dany’s storyline less of a chore.
Her dragons are big and a little unruly,
but who can expect children to be perfection.
Dany plays off Dario’s advances pretty cooly,
on to Mereen, where dead slaves point the direction.
She tells the slaves to rise up against their masters,
and sends Greyworm to start a revolution.
Change comes fast but complaints come even faster,
turns out ruling a city is harder than dissolution.

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken,
the Dornish keep things spicy.
The relationship of Oberyn and Ellaria is very open,
but his decisions turn out to be a little dicey.
A Lannister isn’t the only one who pays his debt,
so to be Tyrion’s champion, Oberyn volunteers.
He almost kills the Mountain, the Lannister pet,
but then he dies and the House of Lannister cheers.

Ours is the Fury,
and the fury rages to the core.
burning people because the Red God is judge and jury,
but Stannis is still kind of a bore.
Davos and he sail to Braavos to ask the bank for money,
he feels defeated but, to his luck, Davos perseveres.
Salador’s joke about the pirate wasn’t all that funny,
they set off to the North apparently without even the right gear.
His army surrounds the wilding camp and Mance surrenders,
Jon tells him to round up all the dead and burn them in a heap.
Stannis attends the last rites of the fallen defenders,
as Melisandre watches Jon through the fires like a creep.

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