Geekly Chic Undercover Cosplay: Louise Belcher

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Right now, pretty much any store carries an array of graphic tees toting your favorite superhero emblem or visage. For the past few years “geek culture” has become more and more popular, leaving all of us who craved cool Star Wars t-shirts years ago totally immersed with vintage, fan art, official, and many more styles of clothing from which to choose. For everyday casual clothing, one no longer has to raid their parent’s closets hoping to score an original shirt from decades ago.

But what about of us in the geek community who want take it to the next level? Yes, I am talking about cosplaying! Attend any sort of convention and chances are that you encountered people in cosplay. If the forums and booths are the meat and bones of a convention, cosplayers are the blood, bringing the convention to life. Walking around the convention, a person can become completely enraptured in scouting out their favorite characters to have pictures taken with them.

So what happens when the convention is over and we have to put our full-body Fallout power armor suits away and switch into something more work appropriate? This is where “Undercover Cosplay” comes into effect. Each article will discuss and give ideas for how to bring your favorite move/game character from robot-crushing superhero to street styled.


Today on this edition of “Geekly Chic Undercover Cosplay”, we take a stab at Louise Belcher from the popular TV show Bob’s Burgers! Louise is a kickass girl who doesn’t take shit from anyone. She’s a good sister (sometimes) and is always out to make some money. For her cosplay, I made a grown up version – not everyone can rock pink bunny ears like my girl Louise. Plus, I like to think that she would actually dig this black bunny headband!

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For the dress, I went with a dress similar to the one she wears. It looks comfortable, which is good because Louise has a lot of adventures!

For the shoes, I went with black flats but with a design because you never know when Louise has to make a run for it!

For the head piece, I went with a black lace bunny ear headband because it’s fun!

This brings us to the conclusion of another “Geekly Chic Undercover Cosplay” edition. In the future I plan on bringing more of Bob’s Burgers characters to the streets, as well as other icons in nerd and gaming culture. If you have someone that you want to see featured let us know by commenting below or reach out to us on Twitter @nika_howard and @ethnicninja. Until next time, Happy Cosplaying!

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