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Hello Geeklies! Today, we bring you another gaming accessory to add to your ever growing collection of luxury gaming accessories. As featured in past articles, the market for “upping” the tabletop and board game experience has been expanding over the past several years, leading to new and innovative creations from many companies. Dog Might Games has another Kickstarter in the works and this one brings organization to all your favorite games. Their new “Component Collector” comes as a stack of beautifully crafted wooden dishes, trays, and tokens to hold all the meeples and small pieces in your game library. With more games coming out that feature numerous interesting pieces, table space can quickly become an issue. Instead of having tokens scattered around, there is now a tray to keep everything contained – keeping things clean, easy to find, and allowing the player to focus on the game and not corralling small tokens from getting lost.

Dog Might was kind enough to send over a “Component Collector” and it did not fail to impress me. The set I was lucky enough to test out had a beautiful and light finish that featured the wood’s grain and natural details. The thing that I loved most about these pieces is just how easy they are to set up and there are many ways to use the set. As someone who constantly has to straighten and stack the game pieces, this set is a godsend. Using the set allowed me to stop wrangling items and focus on being present to play the game. Each tray has several magnets on it, allowing them to be kept together or separate, allowing each player to use one, depending on the nature of the game.  Since the tiles are not made for any one game specifically, they can be used for literally any game.  Another bonus of the set is that is small and light enough that transportation is a breeze. Each tile is 3.25 inches and about .5 inch thick with the larger rolling tray’s dimensions at 6.5 inches long by 4.25 inches wide and a depth of .75 inch, meaning you can easily bring one or all with you to your next gaming session. 

Their Kickstarter features over 20 different tiers for your backing pleasure and each one contains a different wood option as well as customized tile designs. Not only are various wood types available, but you can also choose tiers for brightly colored Collectors. There are also several versions that offer the option to have a design crafted onto the dish. In addition, through backing on the Kickstarter, you can receive an exclusive tier not available later on – featuring a set of the Flame Birch in the Crimson finish, as well as the Sculpted Dragon tile. Of course, no matter the option backed, the quality speaks for itself. Bringing the craftsmanship that they do to all their products, the “Component Collector” is an accessory that you can leave out in your home, instead of hiding away in your game closet. In addition to all the tiers available to pick, stretch goals are listed and most have been unlocked already, expanding the options available to back! The Kickstarter is going until June 29th so don’t delay on checking out the amazing “Component Collector” and grabbing your own!

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