Kickstarter Alert: “The Component Collector”

By Nika Howard on

Hello Geeklies! Today, we bring you another gaming accessory to add to your ever growing collection of luxury gaming accessories. As featured in past articles, the market for “upping” the tabletop and board game experience has been expanding over the past several years, leading to new and innovative creations from many companies. Dog Might Games has another …

Ridiculous Encounters: From the Mines of Microsoft

By Eli Ramsey on

Welcome to Ridiculous Encounters, a series of short stories that transform menial tasks and everyday situations into exciting adventures. We make the benign exciting, the humorless fun, and brighten your day. Included with each story are the specifics of the encounter so that you can incorporate these circumstances into your own homebrew campaign.

Kickstarter Alert: RPG Coasters Cthulhu Edition

By Nika Howard on

In the past few years, tabletop gaming accessories and gear have surged leaving gamers searching for ways to get their hands on the coolest and newest products. Kickstarter has been a sweet spot for collectors to find many of these new creative ways to get their geek on. Featured in today’s “Kickstarter Alert” article is RPG Coasters …