Heroes of the Storm Community Tournament

By Phillip Canada on


GeeklyInc is proud to announce it will be participating in The Gathering Storm on June 3-4, 2017 . The Gathering Storm is a for fun community tournament between Frogpants, Amove.tv, Convert to Raid, and Lords of the Storm with prizes from each community.  The tournament is intended to be a lively competition between several podcast communities.

GeeklyInc will be holding a small tournament in mid-May to determine seeding. The top three teams from that tournament will be named Champions of GeeklyInc and compete for prizes against other communities’ Champions in the June 3-4th tournament.

Anyone can compete in this tournament as it is intended to be fun! If you are looking for a team to compete with head over the to forums here and make a post looking for teammates.  Once you have a team sign up on Gathering Storm’s website and make sure to select GeeklyInc as your community!

You can also join the GeeklyInc Discord server to try to find teammates here:
Access the web client or download the desktop client here: https://discordapp.com
Once you have it you can use this link to join the server: https://discord.gg/0rXxFfzUp16HL97l

Look forward to seeing you in the Nexus!

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