Indie Spotlight: Overcooked – A recipe for chaos

By Carly Shields on

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It’s game time.  The launderers are filled and knives have been sharpened.  There’s a line around the block and you know; it’s time to deliver.

And by deliver of course I mean prep meals through a weird looking conveyor belt while a fire spreads wildly behind you and your fellow chefs are running around like maniacs while shoving each other into cutting boards full of razor sharp knives.

I’m talking the newest title from, Overcooked.  You take on the role of a chef, in this fast-paced couch co-op for 2-4 players.  You start in the far flung future of the Onion Kingdom, where devastation rules and the end is near.  A giant Spaghetti monster has set upon the land and is about to eat the final living members of the known world.  Knowing the final moments are upon them, the King sends you and your colleagues back to the past to train in order to satisfy the Devourers hunger.

The kitchen changes up with each level to provide a new level of challenge as you slowly add recipes to your repertoire, because it’s not hard enough when your friends are running into you head along and sending you careening across the anti-fatigue mats.  Achievements unlock a new series of chefs including a cat and a wheelchair bound raccoon, along with some charming super-deformed starter models.

This game is hilariously fun if sober, and a sh*t-storm when drinking.  It’s perfect.

Grab Overcooked on Steam for $16.99 now!</a>

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