Kickstarter Alert: RPG Coasters Cthulhu Edition

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In the past few years, tabletop gaming accessories and gear have surged leaving gamers searching for ways to get their hands on the coolest and newest products. Kickstarter has been a sweet spot for collectors to find many of these new creative ways to get their geek on. Featured in today’s “Kickstarter Alert” article is RPG Coasters 2: Cthulhu made and designed by Alexander Ingram who brought us Fantasy RPG Coasters, the successful campaign that was funded a few years back. 

RPG Coasters was kind enough to send over a walnut set with stand from their new Kickstarter. Taking these out of the box, I was immediately in awe of the overall design on the coasters. Cut using a CNC machine, each is like its own work of art with laser-like precision leaving intricate imagines. Due to the nature of how the etching puts the detail on the coaster, these can easily (and should!) be left out as decoration instead of remaining hidden. I have been using these for the past week and overall, they are a good quality coaster. Their charm is definitely in the design, uniqueness, and customization allowed with each set and they feel fairly durable for being all wood. There is a varnish that protects the coaster and a felt underside ensuring no scratches to your gaming table. Any condensation will pool on the wood, but clean up is easy with a towel. In my experience, there has also been no discoloration on the wood from the cold/condensation of the drink; which shows that the coasters are solid quality that will last. 


The campaign still has a little more than two weeks left and the majority of tiers are still available. There are six different options for backers to choose; starting at $10 and includes one coaster to $45 for a set of five. One of the stretch goals has been unlocked and there are four more presently. RPG Coasters is bringing a lot more than just coasters to their Kickstarter. Also available are dice boxes and large wall mounted coasters. Additional “add-on items” can be added to the pledge and include the following: custom text, stand, and extra coasters. All products come in the choice of Hard Maple, Cherry, and Black Walnut solid wood. RPG Coasters are live on Kickstarter until April 19th so head over and make sure to grab your favorites! 

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