Oathbringer to Rhythm of War – 25 Moments to Remember

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Nearly three years ago, the third book in the Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson was released. Oathbringer brought a lot of change for Roshar, and three years can be a long time to remember all of the important events. Before you read Rhythm of War on November 17th, here are the twenty-five most important events from Oathbringer to remember for the next chapter in the series.

if you want to jump ahead to the top five suck in some Stormlight and lash yourself to the next page.

25. Prologue: In the past, Gavilar reveals to Eshonai he intends to bring back the Listener’s gods, the Voidbringers so that humans can become Radiant again and progress forward.

24. The Unmade, nine ancient evil spren of Odium have returned along with their god and the Fused, the souls of ancient Voidbringers reborn. The first to be found is Re-Shephir, the Midnight Mother deep within a pit in Urithiru which Shallan causes to flee using Stormlight.

23. Kaladin returns to his hometown to find his parents still alive after the Everstorm. His parents are happy he’s alive but his father is disappointed he has become “a killer.” He has a new younger brother named Oroden.

22. Urithiru forms a Coalition of Nations with Thaylena, Khabranth, Jah Kaved, Emuil, and Azir. Though getting the other nations to trust Dalinar, the former Blackthorn, has been a difficult task requiring the visions the Stormfather to convince many of their leaders.

21. Veil and Radiant, two disguises Shallan lightwove, become real personas as a coping mechanism to deal with the pain of having killed both of her parents. In the end she accepts them as part of her just as Veil and Radiant accept Adolin is the one she loves and not Kaladin.

Oathbringer cover by Michael Wheelan

19. Szeth, the Assassin in White, has become a Knight Radiant of the Order of Skybreakers. He trained with Nale, one of the Heralds and while the Skybreakers swear in service of the Singers, Szeth swears in the service of Dalinar Kholin.

18. Rlain struggles with his place among the humans including the members of Bridge Four. As far as he knows, he is the last of his people and deals with prejudice and isolation in Urithiru.

17. Dalinar is declared a heretic and is excommunicated from the Vorin Church. The ardent Kadash repeatedly warned Dalinar about declaring Honor, known as the Almighty, is dead. As a result of ignoring those warnings, the council of Curates has no choice but to take action when he does not recant.

16. Teft, second-in-command to Bridge Four, has sworn the third ideal of the Windrunners despite his hatred of himself and his addiction to the euphoric and addictive drug known as Firemoss.

15. After killing King Elhokar in Kholinar, Moash is given a bright golden dagger that he uses to successfully kills Jezrien, one of the Heralds. He is given Jezrien’s Honorblade as a reward as well as a new identity, Vyre, He Who Quiets. Everyone hates Moash forever.

14. Kholinar has fallen to the Fused. The Oathgate has been corrupted and the capital completely overrun with Singers and Fused despite the efforts of Adolin, Shallan, Kaladin, King Elhokar, and new ally Azure (who turns out to be Vivenna from Sanderson’s other book, Warbreaker).

13. Jasnah is crowned Queen of Alethkar. She arrives at Urithiru alive after having been presumed dead. With the death of Elhokar, and Adolin refusing the throne after admitting he killed Sadeas, Shallan suggests Jasnah as ruler.

12. Sja-anat, one of the Unmade, appears to not be fully on Odium’s side. She warned the party of Kholinar about the corrupted Oathgate, lied to Odium about her actions, and relayed the lie back to Shallan as well as informing her he does not know Shallan is a lightweaver.

11. Sylphrena, despite the Stormfather accepting her bond with Kaladin, has an enormous reward on her head for her return to the city of the Honorspren in Shadesmar known as Lasting Integrity.

10. Taravangian, King of Khabranth, and Jah Kaved betrays the Coalition to Odium giving him the Diagram’s information and Jezrien’s Honorblade in exchange for saving his nation, Khabranth. Originally, he does whatever he can to undermine Dalinar’s leadership foreseeing in the Diagram, the text to unite and save mankind written on the one day he was a genius, that Dalinar would fail.

9. Dalinar slaughtered the city of Rathalas and killed his wife. After marrying Navani, Dalinar’s memories of his first wife, Evi, began to return gradually until he finally remembered how she died along with the rest of the city of Rathalas. He slaughtered them all, deep within the Thrill, including Evi who pleaded with the people of the city to surrender knowing what Dalinar might do.

8. Dalinar, Jasnah, and Navani learn of the Oathpact where the Heralds would return to Damnation and keep the spirits of the Fused from returning to Roshar, until they broke their oaths unable to take the torture anymore. They also learn nine of the Heralds did not return to Damnation, abandoning Talenel to be tortured until he could keep his oath no longer. He lasted four thousand and five hundred years.

7. Venli bonds with the spren Timbre and speaks the first ideal of the Knights Radiant. As far as we know, Venli, who was the catalyst for the return of the Fused and Odium to Roshar, is the first Singer to bond a spren of Honor or Cultivation since before those gods betrayed them for the humans.

6. It was the god known as Cultivation who erased Dalinar’s memories of his wife and not the spren known as the Nightwatcher, as he believes. She calls it a pruning, and Dalinar theorizes she intentionally made his memories return slowly so Dalinar would have the strength to overcome Odium.

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