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In recent years a new trend has appeared in board games. Printing your own game. A Print and Play is a great way for designers to get their game out there without having to front the cost of components, shipping, and marketing. As a player, this allows you to put as much cost as you want into a game. Not sure if you would like the game? Print it off on regular printer paper. If you discover you love said game then you can put more money into it and have a new game for your collection. Here is a list of a few games worth looking into:

…..and then we held hands….

This cooperative game recently won the Golden Geek Award for Best Cooperative Game from Board Game Geek. It is a game where two players each play one half of a relationship trying to get through their mental hang ups, and foster a better relationship. A subject that, to my knowledge, has not been covered in a board game. A beautifully fresh game that deserves your time,and who knows it might help fix your relationship.


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The Mountain

I am obsessed with games that don’t take on the typical themes of games, The Mountain is among those. Having completed the greatest accomplishment of your life, climbing a mountain, you are left to reflect back on your life. Often board games focus on climbing the mountain not what happens after. The eye popping art does not hurt this game either.

Download here: (download source at the bottom of the page)




Arkham Investigator



This game plays like Sherlock Consulting Detective but in the Lovecraft Universe,and can be played solo or with up to 10 people. Players take the roles of investigators trying to solve crimes using their powers of deduction. Unlike Sherlock Consulting Detective which places players in Victorian London, players have to stare into the horror that is Lovercraftian New England.


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Zombie in My Pocket


is one of the highest production print and play boards games out there. The gameplay is light and fun, and the modular board means that the game doesn’t go stale after a few plays.


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Download here:

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