The Name of All Things 49-56: A Horse Saying “Fuck”

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This is our seventh episode covering Jenn Lyon’s The Name of All Things in her A Chorus of Dragons Series. In this episode we read up to chapter 56 and determine that Relos Var would definitely have “Well actually” breath.

Your hosts are Josh MacDougall (@FourofFiveWits), Christina Ladd (@OLaddieGirl), and Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston). Our art is by Chango Chamango (@ChangoChamango) and our music is by Bad Sparrow (@BadSparrowMusic). You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @NoPagePodcast

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  1. Just to answer a few questions…

    1. Yes, Xaltorath gaeshed Janel. Because it’s good to control the person who you’ve set up to be the hero’s weakness.
    2. Suless used the pillar. Waste not, want not.
    3. Razarras ore is uranium.
    4. Relos Var totally would’ve picked Janel. His feelings about her are…complicated. Given his feelings about her mother, she is (at least on one level) the daughter he should’ve had.
    5. Relos Var was trying to outdo his brother, whose theme was energy. Relos Var’s theme was tenye.
    6. That fight went exactly the way Relos Var wanted it to.
    7. So sorry about Butterbelly.

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