The Name of All Things 57-64: War Orbs

By Steph Kingston on

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This is our final episode covering Jenn Lyon’s The Name of All Things in her A Chorus of Dragons Series. In this episode we read up to chapter 64 and determine that daaaang Urthaenriel is needy.

Your hosts are Josh MacDougall (@FourofFiveWits), Christina Ladd (@OLaddieGirl), and Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston). Our art is by Chango Chamango (@ChangoChamango) and our music is by Bad Sparrow (@BadSparrowMusic). You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @NoPagePodcast

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  1. No, Xivan had nothing to do with the creation of Khoreval, which was indeed S’arric’s spear. It may be helpful to know that “Khor” is the Guarem root word for “destruction.”

    Janel doesn’t read Thurvishar’s book until later. (She’d have teased Kihrin SO much more about Teraeth if she’d read it earlier.)

    Qown was brainwashed. (Relos Var sucks.)

    Cherthog is SO dead.

    Quur is pronounced like Coors the beer, but without the ‘s’

    My original *original* fan casting for Thurvishar was very specifically Arnold Vosloo from the Mummy.

    Consider: Lennie James as Relos Var.

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