The Ruin of Kings 81-90: The Name of All The Things We Forgot

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This is our final episode covering Jenn Lyon’s The Ruin of Kings in her A Chorus of Dragons Series. In this episode we read up to chapter 90 and determine that wow this really was all spelled out so much earlier than we thought.

Your hosts are Josh MacDougall (@FourofFiveWits), Christina Ladd (@OLaddieGirl), and Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston). Our art is by Chango Chamango (@ChangoChamango) and our music is by Bad Sparrow (@BadSparrowMusic). You can find us on Twitter and Instagram @NoPagePodcast

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  1. Important tip regarding ‘killing Gadrith’: that’s not what most people saw. What most people saw was SANDUS kill Gadrith, and then Kihrin kill Sandus… Remember: the Arena shield is clear. People were watching.

    I do like how Kihrin runs away right before Tyentso could have pardoned him. Reminds me (although it came first) of the bit from the D&D movie. “But we just signed your parole!”

    Kihrin directly comes from Therin also. If anything, Kihrin is more a direct connection to the throne (through Therin/Pedron) than Galen who has an extra ‘layer’ of diluting the blood (through the real Alshina).

    Urthanriel WAS in the Arena, it just wasn’t in any of the Vault buildings. But it was inside the Arena itself.

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