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Way of the Samurai 4 – Geekly Game Lab

BY ON July 30th, 2015

Way of the Samurai was an important game during my youth. I would play it and its sequel over and over again trying to unlock every ending and cosmetic item. It was the first game that I ever encountered that changed so much based on the players decisions. I am not sure why it connected …

BY ON July 29th, 2015

Have you visited the GeeklyInc Store and bought a CaF t-shirt? No? GO DO IT! As always, be sure to check out our Patreon campaign! Like Kickstarter, but better for our purposes. Support the show! Keep us free! Click here for details! Holy BUTTCRAP!! We announced the glory that is Project Bombshell: A brand new …

BY ON July 29th, 2015

Perhaps no other book has influenced my thinking about freedom of expression and the power of art as much as The Merro Tree. Yet when I tell people that, I get blank stares.  It’s positively criminal that this book isn’t up there with Fahrenheit 451.  Then again, Fahrenheit 451 is the kind of book that you …

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BY ON July 29th, 2015

The off season is here listeners, and we have many goodies to keep your thoughts dreadful all year round.  We played a fantastic game of Bully Pulpit’s “Fiasco” with a Penny Dreadful theme, and this is the first part!  Creatures are raised, accents are attempted, and loins are stirred! Your hosts are: Ashleigh Shadowbrook (@ShadowbrookAsh), …

BY ON July 28th, 2015

A lot of us in the boardgaming community have our eyes turned to GenCon this week. For some designer’s it’s still a busy week of managing their KickStarter campaign. As usual, there’s likely a few gems in the cluster of projects that are currently active. Here’s a few of them that may be worth a …

BY ON July 28th, 2015

People complain that they’re sick of vampires, that they’re overdone or just done, and I can understand that. There have been a lot of (ahem) pale imitations of Stoker and Rice, far more than good and original vampire fiction. But I’ll never really get tired of vampires, the same way I’ll never get tired of dragons …

BY ON July 27th, 2015

Full disclosure: I am a librarian. (Among other things.) Librarian stereotypes are largely mild, often going so far as a severe, buttoned-up woman who shushes people and no further. But of course, then we have the Sexy Librarian, most notable for nearly breaking up Troy and Abed that one time… …and the eager naïf, perhaps …

BY ON July 27th, 2015

Michael is a bad person who does bad things to good people which leads to them crying in a darkened bathroom. The adventure continues with Titus Harper (Tim Lanning), Thom the Dragonborn (Mike Bachmann), Aludra (Jennifer Cheek), Jaela (Nika Howard) and your Dungeon Master (Michael DiMauro). Don’t forget to follow our editor Steph Kingston (@stephokingston)! Subscribe …

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BY ON July 24th, 2015

Down Will Come Original Air Date: 7/12/2015 This article contains spoilers, but since the episode has been out for awhile now, it shouldn’t really matter at this point.  But You Don’t Take on Somebody Else’s Grief I don’t recall who told me this (or why, for that matter), but at some point in my life, …

BY ON July 24th, 2015

Welcome back to Magic Gatherings! Last Sunday I attended the Magic Origins Prerelease at my Friendly Local Game Store: Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge, MA, a lovely institution where you are as likely to find a pickup game of Warhammer or My Little Pony as you are to find Max Gladstone and Elizabeth Baer playing D&D together. With me …

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