SAYER – Episode 43 – This Fear

BY ON November 25th, 2015

“Earth, I am SAYER. Acknowledge.” If you like SAYER, and want to help us make it even better, please consider contributing to the show through Patreon. Learn more at SAYER is voiced and produced by Adam Bash, who also wrote this episode. This episode was co-written with Jonah Gregory. Intro and outro music composed by Jesse …

BY ON November 24th, 2015

Sorry for the delay. I was at the AcadeCon gaming convention so my viewing and writing and schedule is a little thrown off. Also, there was no Minority Report this week. I didn’t just skip it, however much I might have wanted to. iZombie – Max Wager There were some very interesting plot developments this …

BY ON November 23rd, 2015

Lanterns are usually something that are to be ignored. So simple yet so essential to our everyday life. Luckily, they are extremely fun to smash, especially when you have permission. Gruemar the Silver should have had a better plan against the genius minds attacking his camp. Ha, he looked so stupid. Wait, what is that sound? …

BY ON November 23rd, 2015

HBO has revealed the first Season 6 promotional picture, in which Jon Snow is featured with blood on his face. If you somehow forgot the traumatizing scene from last season, the Nights Watch brothers stabbed Lord Commander Jon Snow real good and the season ended with Jon bleeding out.  Is he dead? Is he alive? WHO KNOWS?!  Season …

Top 5 of death
BY ON November 23rd, 2015

We made it! You all thought it couldn’t be done, but here we are…don’t you look silly. This is a very special episode, no lists, one death, and a lot of feels. Funny feels. Die.

game of thrones telltale ice dragon
BY ON November 22nd, 2015

It is here! The final episode of the TellTale adventure game series – Game of Thrones! It has been a real stressful trip down this dark fantasy adventure but we have all shown that we are strong enough to persevere over any decision no matter how tough. In this episode things get weird almost immediately and …

game of thrones telltale ice dragon
BY ON November 21st, 2015

We finally did it! We got to the end of a Game of Thrones video game. The finale episode of the telltale series had some serious twists and turns. For the first time in the series there were some extremely divergent paths for our perspective play throughs. Find out how the whole ironwood saga ends …

BY ON November 20th, 2015

New episodes of the Darkblades drop about every two weeks and feature a canonical story taking place in Drunkeros. Each week will feature Michael “Thrifty Nerd” DiMauro (@thriftynerd) as DM, at least one player from of the Drunks and Dragons podcast with an assortment of special guests. This week we are joined by Nika Howard (@nika_howard), Cody (@codedude3), Matthew Morris …

Updated Big Banner
BY ON November 18th, 2015

It’s that time again for another book club!  Season 3 of Penny Dreadful is going to feature characters from “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson.  So of course, we are here to read and dissect the book, starting with the first 3 chapters.  Along the way we talk …

BY ON November 18th, 2015

I may never look at the moon the same way again. Ian McDonald has taken that barren ball of white-gray rock and textured it with genius near-future technology, startlingly sensuous settings, and as much tightly-packed drama and cultural diversity as an over-crowded city of immigrants. It is, after all, populated entirely by immigrants. This is …

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