TV Roundup: Week of September 27

BY ON October 5th, 2015

Hello again TV fans! Caleb here with the TV Roundup for the week that took us from September into the beautiful month of October. Halloween is ever so close! There wasn’t much new this week, so let’s get to work.   Blindspot-A Stray Howl I really enjoyed this episode. The show continued in its extremely …

Fistful of Pixels - Low Res Logo
BY ON October 5th, 2015

Can humanity ever truly forget the atrocities it has committed? How can we stop the drug problem facing America’s youth? How much froth is normal? Is there a product that Matt Lauer could market well? Tune in for answers.   In case you forgot, Fistful of Pixels is an improvisational podcast where you, the listener, …

BY ON October 3rd, 2015

  Hello creepers, Rob Weeks here, @zombieslag to most and creeper king to some. I created Creeper Christmas last year to say thank you and to give back to the community that helped me so much. You, my fellow creepers, are amazing people and have impeccable taste in podcasts. I’m excited to say that creeper …

BY ON October 2nd, 2015

Welcome back to Magic Gatherings! I hope you all had a great Battle for Zendikar prerelease last weekend! This week is more Battle for Zendikar limited. While I spent time last week scoping out BFZ‘s set mechanics and the overall texture of the format’s limited play, this week I’ll be specifically looking at booster drafting.  In case you’re new to …

BY ON October 2nd, 2015

New episodes of the Darkblades drop about every two weeks and feature a canonical story taking place in Drunkeros. Each week will feature Michael “Thrifty Nerd” DiMauro (@thriftynerd) as DM, at least one player from of the Drunks and Dragons podcast with an assortment of special guests. This week we are joined by Nika Howard (@nika_howard), Cody (@codedude3), Matthew Morris …

BY ON October 1st, 2015

The gang continues their campaign into the Mountains of Madness! Welcome to part two of our second anniversary special! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Okay, not really. But it IS time to gear up for Creeper Christmas 2015! Last year the one and only Creeper King Rob Weeks set up an awesome gift exchange just for Creepers, and …

BY ON October 1st, 2015

It’s probably not fair to this show that I’m the one writing this article. I had high hopes for Heroes when it originally aired in 2006, but it lost its flavor faster than a piece of Bazooka bubble gum. Couple that with my broken heart over the short-lived Syfy series Alphas, a show that I …

The Unnoticeables RD 1 selects A
BY ON September 30th, 2015

There’s a story about the punk movement that goes like this: Someone asked me “what is punk?” so I kicked over a garbage can. He kicked over another garbage can and asked, “so that’s punk?” “No,” I said.  “That’s just trendy.” That’s pretty much what you need to know to start reading The Unnoticeables by …

BY ON September 29th, 2015

Welcome to the Weekly TV Roundup! I am Caleb and I’ll be your host as we journey through the 2015 and 2016 television season. As opposed to last year when I reviewed Gotham, this year I will be talking about several different shows. I’ll try to keep them short, sweet, and focused on reviews instead …

Last Song Before Night
BY ON September 29th, 2015

Apparently it’s music week here at Geekly, because after the punk-rock showdown that was The Unnoticeables, we now have Last Song Before Night, a decidedly different take on what happens when you mix magic and musicians. Ilana C. Myer’s debut—coming out today!—introduces us to a world of uneasy peace between the vast network of musician-poets …

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