Yer a Wizard, Harry – Book 3, Episode 2: Aunt Marge’s Big Mistake

BY ON December 7th, 2016

When life gets tough, the tough blow up their aunt and get the heck out of dodge. This week, Aunt Marge visits the Dursleys and gets too much air. We also learn that not all dog lovers are nice people and Michael tries to spread false information about pitbulls. The hosts discuss their preconceptions about …

BY ON December 7th, 2016

New Coventry. A town located somewhere between over there and around about here. A town full of people, places and stories. Depending on who you talk to New Coventry was built on everything from fertile farming land to an ancient burial ground and was founded by pious pilgrims or lizard-headed demons. Whatever the case, New …

BY ON December 6th, 2016

Well that’s it folks! We made it through the first season of Westworld. As the prophecy foretold, these violent delights did have violent ends. Maeve finally achieves sentients…or does she, Dolores finds the center of the maze, Ford has an abrupt ending, Bernard gets a second chance at “life”, and we find out the true …

BY ON December 6th, 2016

My coworkers know that I am obsessed with board games and frequently promise that they will grace me with their presence at my next board gaming event. However, life happens so these plans just don’t work out. But we still talk about it like it will happen in the very near future. Well, if your …

BY ON December 6th, 2016

We have uncovered more information about the final GeeklyCon House, as well as some interesting facts about the tournament. From a printed email from 2006, we learn that House Nahvalr was winning the House Cup when the tournament was abruptly canceled.  The reasons are still a mystery to us. We will continue to research and …

BY ON December 5th, 2016

After the…extreme…events of the last non-mailbag episode, the gang has to face what they just saw and learn to live with the grief. Well, they would, if there wasn’t a dang commotion going on outside Longcryer’s tower. Seriously, who makes a ruckus when you are in mourning? Hopefully our best friends / adopted Githyanki son …

BY ON December 5th, 2016

In our second to last, or some would say penultimate installment of our series exploring a recently discovered cache of GeeklyCon memorabilia from days of yore. In this postcard from GeeklyCon Liverpool, a member of House Wigglebottom alludes to a prank played on “House Narvahl”, which we are assuming is a typo since that isn’t a …

BY ON December 5th, 2016

Can we talk about Shadow of the Demon Lord? Have you seen this game yet? You haven’t? Well let me tell you about some of the reasons why I’m in love with this game, and why you should at the very LEAST play it everyday of the week. That might be too much, TRY it.. …

BY ON December 4th, 2016

When a hulking monstrosity wants to test his mettle against our brave adventurers you grin and accept a brand new test. For, any excuse to test our heroes is a good excuse indeed. Listen as they use all they strength to fight against Valoshey the Master at arms of Norhall in his zany room of …

BY ON December 3rd, 2016

I love coffee. It’s warm, intense, flavorful and, most importantly, has caffeine! It’s getting to the point that I like to grind my own beans and make specialty coffees on the weekend. Between my french press, moka pot, and Vietnamese phin filter, it’s hard to choose sometimes. However, I didn’t always like coffee. I mainly …

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