Cast of Thrones: Season 6 GOTYE Awards Part Deux

BY ON August 27th, 2016

    We are back with the second half of our GOTYE awards! This time we have all the big awards you’ve come to love and respect. Including, The ned starky award and Best Death. Some minor audio issues delayed this episode a bit, so we apologize for that, but it all came together in …

SM Season 2 banner
BY ON August 26th, 2016

This episode the Senshi find themselves finishing off the creepy earth zombies, as well as learning a lot about their past lives and future goals.  Some of them are more comfortable about it than others.  Manami sends the Senshi on a team building quest and leaves Ayaka with a lot to think about. Sailor Moon …

BY ON August 25th, 2016

The Abridged Drunks and Dragons is our attempt to making getting into the DnD Podcast easier for new listeners. Episodes have been boiled down to around 10 – 20 minutes. All the important story bits, and even more important goofs and tangents have been left in for your enjoyment. This original version of this episode …

BY ON August 24th, 2016

Boo – scared ya! Not to worry; ’tis only us, your favorite people who discuss Harry Potter like our life depended on it (because it does). This week, Sarah almost remembers the rules of the Quizzich cup, we talk about Nearly Headless Nick’s deathday party and the food he served, and you think you know …

BY ON August 23rd, 2016

With a fresh store of supplies and their sea legs beneath them, the gang sets off to high seas adven… oh never mind someone slashed their sails. This looks like a job for the Brute Force Detective Agency! We have launched the Brute Force Patreon campaign, so if you wish to support the show and …

BY ON August 22nd, 2016

Unfortunately, we already used the title “The Wrongest We Ever Got It” since I think this is technically the wronger we have ever got it. We made a quick and daring decision and it…well…I don’t want to spoil it. Things go from bad to worse as we fight this tank thing and that is all …

Top 5 of death
BY ON August 22nd, 2016

Whoa boy…where to begin… As some of you may know, I (Matt) have multiple real life jobs and they have just been BRUTAL lately. Good news is, if you are subscribed to us on iTunes, you have been getting all of our episodes as they release, but if this is your one stop Top 5 …

Geekly Banner 2
BY ON August 22nd, 2016

We continue our bemused review of Yurikuma Arashi as the Invisible Storm attempt to crush Kureha, Ginko and Lulu. I pronounce this “sexy”. Shabadoo. Go find us on social media! We want to hear from you! Follow the official account on Twitter (@sequencepod). You can also find us on; Vince (@vincekenny), Kym (@kymcattys) and Ben (@benstonick). Special …

BY ON August 19th, 2016

At Gen Con 2016, I had the opportunity to talk to Benjamin Loomes about Syrinscape, the program that creates unique background sounds for GMs to up the immersion of their games using an expansive library of sounds for many settings. GI: For those who don’t know about Syrinscape, what is it and how does it …

BY ON August 19th, 2016

The Spooky Woods have really turned our heroes around! Hopefully they will focus on the bond they have already formed and fight back against their mysterious attackers. Remember, your adventuring group is only as strong as your weakest link so your friendship chain must be forged in the fires of trust. Or something. Help one …

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