Dreadful Thoughts: “Fresh Hell”

BY ON May 6th, 2015

Welcome back to Dreadful Thoughts, the fan run podcast all about Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful!” At last, at long last Season 2 has premiered and we are relevant once again!  The season premiere, entitled “Fresh Hell”, has brought us all the delicious daddy issues and demonic chanting we could have dreamed of!  Join us as we …

BY ON May 6th, 2015

May is a great month, y’all. The weather is perfect, the days are longer, there are a couple holidays packed in as well. I can’t think of many ways to make May better, Sony could. The boys that keep the keys to the PS+ offerings brought the noise this month with six total games, five …

BY ON May 6th, 2015

Hello and welcome back to my monthly (sorry about that) series about the decisions in Telltale games’ games.  This is a series of articles detailing all the decisions made in the Telltale games series and analysing the effect of these decisions on a whole. In essence I’m trying to test the assumption that all decisions …

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 8.25.52 AM
BY ON May 6th, 2015

Just about the only thing Sailor Moon Crystal has going for it at this point is its ability to create striking images. I’m not talking about character creation; the characters are still flat. I just mean that there is some good staging going on, creating drama and power, despite the otherwise lackluster visuals. In the …

season 5 episode 4
BY ON May 5th, 2015

“The Sons of the Harpy” is arguably one of the best episodes this season! We have so much going on here, we get an awesome fight scene with Jaime and his sweet sword catching hand, we meet the sand snakes (in more than one way), Jon snow is tempted, and Sansa has gone full goth. …

BY ON May 5th, 2015

We have a lot of interesting entries on Kickstarter this week. See anything you like? Did I miss a treasure? Let me know in the comments!   Apocrypha Ends May 13th Estimated Delivery: April 2016 Publisher: Lone Shark Games What is it?: A premade adventure roleplaying game Rewards of Note: $66 for the base game …

Claire & Cass
BY ON May 5th, 2015

Angel Heart Original Air Date: 04/29/2015 Redemption and forgiveness are possible for just about everyone. This episode features two of my favorite things within the series: an expansion on angel lore and witnessing the aftershocks of angelic intervention. The opening mnemonic scenes take us back to the Novak family, whose lives were turned upside down …

BY ON May 4th, 2015

This recap obviously contains spoilers from season 5 episode 4, so don’t read it unless you are weird and want to be spoiled before watching it. Guys…Barristan “Barry” Selmy aka Badass Old Man is dead. Who is going to tell Dany more stories about her crazy dad and singing brother???? But I’m getting ahead of myself. …

BY ON May 4th, 2015

Now that we are a part of the seedy resupply element entering Yeenoghu’s terrible town, the gang has to do their best to blend in. We look great. Our gnoll impressions are spot on. Nothing can go wrong. Probably. I mean, it is an evil town of evil people so even if things go correctly, …

Top 5 of death
BY ON May 4th, 2015

What do you wanna be when you grew up? We tell you what we wanted to be. Enjoy/Die. Support the show here!

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