Dreadful Thoughts: And Hell Itself is My Only Foe

BY ON July 2nd, 2015

Listeners, off the top we want to apologize.  First for this episode being late because Steph escaped the editing dungeon to go celebrate Canada Day.  Also because we had a lot of feels about this episode and it’s 2 hours long.  In this monster of an episode worthy of Queen Lily’s desire, we discuss Brad …

BY ON July 2nd, 2015

Season 5 has drawn to a close and that means one thing, it’s time for the GOTYE’s! The yearly event of the century where we celebrate the latest season of the Game of Thrones television program. This season had a lot of great moments to reflect on as well as some real downers. All your …

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BY ON July 1st, 2015

Before I dive too deeply into the title, let’s talk a little bit about this most recent season. Let’s face it, some of the early-season episodes fell a little short compared to others in the series. That being said, the series is still going strong, and it seems safe to assume we’ll see a fourth season. …

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BY ON July 1st, 2015

Each fortnight, the pit of cold, nauseating dread in my stomach sinks just a little bit lower when I realize that it’ll soon be time to do another review, and I have to once again contemplate how much this show will ruin a couple of hours, and in what way. I only get so many …

BY ON June 30th, 2015

Well guys it’s Tuesday again which means it’s time for new games! Unfortunately it looks like we’re beginning to hit the summer slump when it comes to new games so I’ll try to keep it brief and find some games that sound interesting.   Tuesday June 30 Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity [PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, …

BY ON June 30th, 2015

Starting in the 17th century and continuing to this day, a debate has raged over who, exactly, is the father of calculus. Owing to favorable historical circumstances, or maybe to strange providence, Newton and Leibniz were both working their way toward it, sniping at each other along the way. One way or another, calculus was …

BY ON June 30th, 2015

Hello! This episode is a little weird. Instead of getting back in to our hard RP selves we take a step back and discuss what the gang will look like in our new 5e bodies. There are changes. There is hair where there used to be no hair. But with a little awkwardness and accidentally …

BY ON June 29th, 2015

The Western Book of the Dead Original Air Date: 6/21/2015  This article contains spoilers. What in the hell happened to Ben Caspere? And do any of us really care? An exposé on corruption in the city of Vinci, California hits the papers, which make a lot of people there squirm. Most notably, Frank Semyon.  Frank …

BY ON June 29th, 2015

We try to use a new intro, and I couldn’t get the file to work. The episode still rules tough. Support the show here!

BY ON June 26th, 2015

It would have been enough…. but not for you. If you like SAYER, and want to help us make it even better, please consider contributing to the show through Patreon. Learn more at SAYER is voiced and produced by Adam Bash. This episode was co-written with Ashleigh Shadowbrook. Intro and outro music composed by Jesse “Main …

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