31 Horrors of Halloween (Part 3)

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Hello Geeklies! Your resident “horrorphiles”, Meagan Varney and myself, have put ourselves to the test to provide you with enough spooky films to get your through this Halloween season. Each week we will release a new article with 7 horrifyingly haunting movies to keep you awake and wondering what really is making that creaking noise down the hallway. The majority of these movies will be available on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. Also, we are going to try and steer clear of the ones that always make horror movie lists. Of course we all love HalloweenThe Shining, or Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but we want to provide you with horror movies that you may not have watched yet to provide you with the best scares possible. This week we are bringing you some of our favorite and maybe lesser known foreign horror films. So grab your popcorn, turn off all the lights, and get ready to scare your pants off.

[REC] (2007)


A Spanish horror film that is sure to make you run for the hills and ready your survival kits, [Rec] follows Angela, a television reporter, who is sent out to go on a night watch with the local fire department. During the night, there is a call out to an elderly woman’s apartment and the elderly woman who has found herself trapped. While on the call, screaming is heard and everyone quickly realizes that the elderly woman isn’t just trapped but has been attacked. Rushing to the scene, Angela and the fire department find an apartment building that has been thrown into chaos and soon discover that sometimes staying inside is the most dangerous place to hide.

6 Films to Keep You Awake (2006)


Another Spanish film makes the list as this anthology of short stories comes together to make one terrifying tale. Each story focuses on a different story, ranging from the dangers of moving into a new apartment or the sinister figure lurking in the dark corners of a room, and several more stories that will make you gasp in horror. Each tale is short and to the point, so in the event you can’t stand a whole feature film, this is a great pick for getting your horror fix in bite sized chunks.

Let Us Prey (2014)


Rachel Heggie is a cop located at a new precinct and put into the least desirable night shift in a neglected Scottish police station. Surrounded by the misfits and crooked cops, who have been moved to the station and all but forgotten, Rachel is trying to make the best of the situation. When a few citizens are brought in on different charges, strange things start happening around the station. As the night progresses, there is less of a will to protect and serve the public and everyone finds themselves protecting their own lives. Bonus, for any Game of Thrones fans, the actor who plays Davos is one of the characters!

The Canal (2014)


David is a man who has been stretched to his limits. Work is stressful, his wife might be cheating on him, and, then on top of it all, he is given footage from his boss that shows his home being the site of brutal murders in 1902. After viewing the film,, David begins to believe he can sense and see the presence of these murdered spirits still lingering in the home, exacting their revenge. As David becomes more disturbed he is confronted with finding out that his wife has been cheating on him with a work client. Shortly after David’s wife, Alice, is missing and going to the police, David finds himself as suspect number one. But can David prove Alice isn’t missing because of him or has reality shifted so much that David doesn’t know what is real and what is supernatural?

Pontypool (2008)


Grant and Sydney work together in a small town’s radio station in Ontario, Canada, which, under normal circumstances, is just a sleepy little town. As Grant comes into work and settles into his talk show, strange things start happening around the town as well as the station. What appears to be a quick moving and devastating virus strikes the town and soon a mass of sick and violent townspeople start attacking the station. In this psychological horror film, it is up to Grant and Sydney to try and figure out how to stop the virus and make it out of Pontypool alive.

American Mary (2012)


Another great horror flick from our neighbors to the North, American Mary tells of Mary Mason, a medical student who is struggling to pay her way through college. Taking a job opportunity that starts as being disguised as an exotic dancer, Mary finds herself wrapped up in the world of underground cosmetic surgery. Gaining big bucks and patients waiting in line to have Mary work on them, Mary quickly becomes popular in this subversive world but also learns of the dangers that lurk in the corners of this society.

Mama (2013)


Canada keeps putting out these amazing horror flicks and one that won’t escape this list is Mama. According to an Amazon expose piece, when the big stock market crashes in the mid 80s, some of the wealthy lose the majority of their money. One family, when faced with this reality have a tragic ending. Abandoned in the wild after the death of their parents, Victoria and Lilly grow up knowing no other family than “Mama”. When they are found 5 years later and sent to live with their uncle, the family finds out that Mama may not be an imaginary friend so much as a dark intervening force that is threatening to rip the family apart.

So here you have our third 7 picks for our top horror movies for our “31 Horrors of Halloween”. Make sure to check next week for our fourth round of picks and a new list of horrors to haunt your nights and turn your dreams into nightmares.

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