For the Horse Girls

By Christina Ladd on

You might have known one. You might have been one. Or you might only have heard about them as yet another mythic creature on the internet: the girls (and boys, and nonbinary folks) who were obsessed with all things equine. Highly imaginative and yet necessarily down to earth, these special individuals might have been a …

Remote Control Review

By JoshuaMacDougall on

Remote Control by Nnedi Okorafor reads as a tall tale told around the campfire–or the equivalent of a campfire in near-future Ghana, a tablet playing a video of a campfire. In the story, a child named Fatima encounters a seed that falls from the sky, which makes her no longer feel ill from malaria, able …

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Eartheater Review: Deep as Graves, Strong as Foundations

By Christina Ladd on

American stories about people with powers often involve organizations and the general public getting swept up in their struggles. The government wants to use them! Scientists want to study them! The media will hound them! Those stories are always a bit fatiguing to me in their paranoia (not unjustified paranoia, but still), because in reality, …