Comic Book Previews for 3/4/15

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Hey everyone! New comic book day is right around the corner! Not sure what to pick up? We can help with that. All the hot comic related info this week was pulled from PREVIEWSworld where you can find a full list of everything coming out this week.


This week marks the debut of the third Star Wars book from Marvel. This one stars everyone’s favorite damsel that is never in distress, Princess Leia. I must say, out of the three books, this one has me the most intrigued. It has the most potential to tell a unique story that we might not have seen yet from the Star Wars universe. It also helps that it is being written by one of, if not THE, top writer in comics today, Mark Waid. The art is being handled by Terry Dodson, and as you can see from the image above, our fair princess is going to have one killer look. This one is a no-brainer. You have to have it!


Brian K. Vaughn has written some of the best comics of our time, and it looks like he’s going to add another five star classic to his list with this Saga. If you don’t know, Saga is a sprawling space epic with a serious emphasis on it’s characters and how they deal with their war torn galaxy. Fiona Staples is also another fantastic reason to pick this up as her art is (ahem) out of this world. If you aren’t caught up, I highly recommend you grab the first two volumes in trade and get caught up. This is another can’t-miss book.


When I heard that Fraction’s and Aja’ run on Hawkeye was ending, I was pretty bummed. I hadn’t picked up the trade paperbacks yet, but had heard nothing but stellar praise about what they were doing with Marvel’s favorite archer. Then I found out Lemire and Perez were starting this new Hawkeye book in it’s wake and got way too excited. Lemire is a fantastic story teller, and Perez’s art style will bring a unique cartoony look to the book that will compliment Lemire’s style well. Since they are billing this as a first issue, you should be able to pick it up cold without having read the previous Hawkeye run!


Rat Queens another book I have heard people sing praises for but have yet to check out. Being only nine issues in, I feel like there is still time to hop in now and not get lost. The first volume is out in trade and many people (including my wife) have yelled at me for not reading it yet. It’s a fantasy story where all of the main protagonists are ladies! If you couldn’t tell from my last preview article, I’m all about that lady power.


DC is putting out some interesting books this week, but I felt like this item stood out the most. This classic look, as originally drawn by Alex Ross, is being made into a 12.5″ tall statue! This is a must have for any Batman fan. The price is pretty steep, coming in at about $250. A small price to pay for having a piece of iconic history on your shelf though, right?!

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