Dreadful Thoughts: And Hell Itself is My Only Foe

By Steph Kingston on

About Steph Kingston

Geekly's own International Woman of Mystery.


Listeners, off the top we want to apologize.  First for this episode being late because Steph escaped the editing dungeon to go celebrate Canada Day.  Also because we had a lot of feels about this episode and it’s 2 hours long.  In this monster of an episode worthy of Queen Lily’s desire, we discuss Brad the Soothsayer, seriously Caliban lay off the poetry, our new Sleep Apnea/Dogs podcast, Dorian’s wretched household staff, and solicit market research of our penis owning listeners.

Your hosts are Ashleigh Shadowbrook (@ShadowbrookAsh), Nika Howard (@nika_howard), Brad Brockway (@bsquared_yo), and Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston)

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