Inks & Issues #52 – Batman: Zero Year

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Inks & Issues #52 - Batman: Zero Year

Way back in the halcyon days of our first episode, we reviewed Batman: Year One. And in that very first episode nearly two years ago, we made a goof that our 52nd episode would revisit the caped crusader for Batman: Zero Year. We are nothing if not commited to a goof, but little did we know that we would revisit The Batman™ so many, many, MANY times between our first and fifty-second episode. So welcome to the last Batisode we will be doing for a while, Batman: Zero Year.

In this iteration Bruce Wayne is kind of a boring jerk, Commissioner Gordon is kind of a boring jerk, and Alfred is, well, actually a pretty decent dude. How does it hold up to Year One? Find out on this exciting episode of Inks & Issues!

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