Inks & Issues #1 - Batman Year One Cover Art

Inks & Issues #1 – Batman: Year One

By Jonah Gregory on

On our first episode, hosts Jonah Gregory and Kieran Bennett give a rundown of what got them into comics, explain the show format a bit, then get on with the main event: Batman: Year One! Does it hold up? Listen to find out! Follow the show: Twitter, Twitch, InstagramFollow the hosts: Jonah, Kieran Play …

Sailor Moon Crystal #11

By Christina Ladd on

Evil(er) Mamoru makes his appearance in this episode, but first we have a gentle moment with Usagi and Luna. Usagi, clearly still upset but trying to be cheerful, gets ready for school, and Luna reminds her that she can always talk to her. It’s very sweet. Mamoru enchants Motoki into believing they’re best friends (nice …