Summer Steam Sale Day 4

By Michael DiMauro on

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How many days has it been? I meant to scratch lines on the cell wall that is the Steam Summer Sale, but I’ve lost track. Didn’t I already post today? Yesterday’s (today’s?) sales don’t expire for another ten hours, and they are already posting the new sales for tomorrow (today?). If the guys at Valve are trying to get into my head, they have succeeded. Surely there can’t be seven more days of this?

They already have all of my liquid assets from the first three days of sales, but surely I must have a saving bond that I can cash tucked away some where. My kids can go to college anytime, but when is Mount & Blade going to be $2.49 again?

Get these deals


  • Hitman Blood Money – $2.49
  • Saints Row the Third – $12.49
  • The Walking Dead – $14.99
  • Mount and Blade – $2.49
  • Darkness II – $12.49
  • Trine 2 – $3.74


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