These Pokemon T-Shirts May Be Too Hard Core For You

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ShirtPunch is not always known for having the most subtle gaming references on its apparel. But today, they offer up three tasteful shirts of the Pokémon variety. Well, two tasteful and one that is “batsh*t insane.”

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The above two designs let the world know that you own a Pokémon game and further, you have opinions on which is the best. Fellow trainers will stop you on the street and swap friend codes or maybe even legendaries. They will move out of your way in line at the super market for fear of being beaten so handily by your perfect team of pocket monsters.

For people who don’t know what Pokémon is all about, they may think the following if you choose X the mighty Xerneas:  1) “He likes deer? This shirt is about the environment!” 2) “This is probably a band from the 90s. I don’t know this band but he/she does so he/she is cool and maybe he/she would like to get married?” 3) “Oh cool! Harry Potter’s patronus! I love Harry Potter and now I love my neighbor!”  If you choose the austere Yveltal in the Y shirt, expect the non-poke-informed to think 1) “Good point! ‘Why?’ indeed!” 2) “He may must worship the ancient Aztec God Quetzalcoatl so he/she is cool and maybe he/she would like to get married?” 3) “Is that a tree on fire with some sort of revenge bird? Heck, I need to recycle this Dasani® right now!”



We all know is a safe place for both friends and friendship. That being said, look at how insane this design is! If you look closely you will notice that it is a skull and crossbones, like the pirate symbol, made with various Pokémon. The skull is also wearing a Pokémon hat. I think this design, “Trainer for Life,” is a violent statement about the addiction that cripples our youth. You see, that which you love becomes that which destroys you. While you will be a trainer for life at the end of your days, your head will literally be scarred by all the Pokémon whose lives you have ruined. Ten thousand years from now a highly technological society will find the Gengar inscribed on your teeth or the Blastoise somewhere above your left temple and think that you are some sort of god, much like Quetzalcoatl or Harry Potter’s patronus. So they will want to marry you. has the info you need.



*Editors note: We do not get a kickback from ShirtPunch.

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