Interview with Benjamin Loomes of Syrinscape

By Brad Brockway on

Immersion, the willing suspension of disbelief, and player buy-in are some of the most important aspects in tabletop rpgs, and sometimes the small things can made a world of difference in-game. Syrinscape aids GMs in setting the conditions for immersion that will allow for greater player buy-in by creating fantastic soundscapes and soundtracks for use …

Nintendo on iPhone
Nintendo on iPhone

Don’t Worry Too Much About Nintendo Making Mobile Games…. Yet.

By Mike Bachmann on

The news of Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA to make games for smart phones has been met with some understandably mixed reactions. For one, Nintendo has a reputation for consistently creating quality portable experiences dating from the original Game Boy to the current New Nintendo 3DS. The mobile gaming market on smart phones, however, is quite …