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Right now, pretty much any store carries an array of graphic tees toting your favorite superhero emblem or visage. For the past few years “geek culture” has become more and more popular, leaving all of us who craved cool Star Wars t-shirts years ago, totally immersed with vintage, fan art, official, and many more styles of clothing from which to choose. For everyday casual clothing, one no longer has to raid their parent’s closets, hoping to score an original shirt from decades ago. But what about of us in the geek community that take it to the next level? Yes, I am talking about cosplayers. Attend any sort of convention and chances are there were people in cosplay. If the forums and booths are the meat and bones of a convention, cosplayers are the blood, bringing the convention to life. Walking around the convention, a person can become completely enraptured in scouting out their favorite characters to have pictures with them.

So what happens when the convention is over and we have to put our full-body Fallout power armor suits away and switch into something more work appropriate? This is where “Undercover Cosplay” comes into effect. Each article will discuss and give ideas for how to bring your favorite move/game character from robot-crushing superhero to street styled.

Maybe a little too much even for Casual Friday...

Or even a casual Kerrigan…

For this article, I was inspired by a show which has been on Netflix for quite some time and growing in popularity with male and female viewers alike: Jessica Jones. After reading this article, you should definitely go watch the series if you have not already. I won’t spoil anything, but the show features a badass lady with genetically-enhanced abilities, and chronicles her story against her nemesis, Killgrave. I digress, but basically I wanted to dress like Jessica and ran to my closet to see what I had and what I need to complete her look.

She's so broody and badass...also our outfit inspiration.

She’s so broody and badass…also our outfit inspiration.

The reason Jessica Jones works so well for “undercover cosplay” is that she doesn’t have a superhero outfit or anything completely outlandish. She has an edgy-borderline grunge style that translates well from television to everyday, which is perfect when you are dipping your toes into the world of cosplay. Added bonus? You will also have a great outfit that you can wear to your next con if you are hesitant about full-out cosplay.

So let’s get started: what do you need to complete this look? There are a few different looks she wears, but today I wanted to focus on the one she is filmed in the most. Ripped, rocker jeans, a moto-style black leather jacket, grey tank top, black hooded zip-up sweater, grey infinity scarf, and some combat/motorcycle boots. The best part of this outfit is that not only can you wear it for whatever (errands, night out with friends, or kicking bad guys’ asses), but if the office has a casual Friday or laid back workplace, this look can be worn there, is pretty darned comfortable, and will fit with anybody’s budget. Here are the main pieces we want to complete the look:

Our Basics

Our Basics

The cost breakdown for this look is as follows, with a “splurge” and a “save” option.

Combat Boots:
Splurge: Pictured are Frye which can range from about $280-360.
Save: Steve Madden moto boots available for around $100.

Splurge: Pictured are Citizens Against Humanity ranging from $180-220.
Save: Old Navy boyfriend jeans w/ripped details for around $25.

Hooded Zipper Sweater:
Splurge: Really there is no reason to buy a version of this that is more than $30.
Save: Pictured from H&M for about $20.

Tank Top:
Splurge: As with the hooded sweatshirt, no need to splurge here, but you can find tank tops that are similar to the one she wears for upwards of $40-50.
Save: Pictured from H&M for about $10.

Grey Infinity Scarf:
Splurge: There is a wonderful suede version available online for $325.
Save: Head to amazon and search, there are dozens of options for around $10-25.

Moto Jacket:
Splurge: Free People Leather jacket for $420.
Save: H&M comes in again with a version for $60.

Make sure to finish off the outfit with some fingerless knit gloves, a satchel, and a smoldering look that can take out the bad guys.
That leaves you a total of splurging for $1405 or saving for $230, which still leaves you with money leftover to buy your next con ticket. In either case, not only do you have an outfit that will give you that Jessica Jones vibe, but also some pretty great pieces to add to your wardrobe. Look for more articles in our “Geekly Chic” releases for different undercover cosplays and other ways to pair being a geek with being chic!


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