BY ON March 23rd, 2012

Snowboarding games, my long lost love, you have finally returned. The past SSX games were great, but with this new iteration, things are brought to a whole new level. The jumps are bigger, the tricks are crazier, and the graphics are gorgeous. This is the kind of game that will ruin your life under the right circumstances.

BY ON March 22nd, 2012

War…what is he good for? Death is now the central character in the Darksiders’ series and he brings a whole new bag of tricks with him as well as a bit of a attitude. The latest installment in the Darksiders’ story finds us taking control of Death as he attempts to clear the name of …

BY ON March 22nd, 2012

Chances are you’ve played Angry Birds. Everyone has. It’s on nearly every device that has a screen and requires electricity. No? Never heard of it? Well, get ready then.

BY ON March 21st, 2012

Shoot ’em ups (shmups) are a tricky genre. They require fast reflexes, quick eyes and the patience and determination to fail time and time again. All of these qualities I lack. I know shmups aren’t my genre of choice, and so does Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality.

BY ON March 20th, 2012

The game is beautiful, it’s fully voiced, and the combo-based action is more than a little satisfying. The only problem is that if Dynasty Warriors has already worn out its welcome for you, then Next isn’t going to do a single thing to change your mind.

BY ON March 20th, 2012

GameFly is doing another huge used game sale. All games are guaranteed to work. Below is just a sampling of the games available. Some of these will sell out quick.

BY ON March 19th, 2012

Hello beautiful and wonderful Winterfellas! We return for our penultimate book club episode to discuss some of the bloodiest chapters in A Game of Thrones! War is breaking out across both Westeros and Essos, and that means no one is safe. Deals are being made to keep people alive, but we all know that everything …

BY ON March 15th, 2012

Oil up your mouse and start doing calisthenics on your fingers because Blizzard has announced that Diablo III is merely two months away.

BY ON March 14th, 2012

Is Baldur’s Gate Bioware’s next game?

BY ON March 14th, 2012

There’s a lot of content in the Mass Effect universe. A lot. You’re so busy saving the galaxy and stopping the Reapers that you’ll never have chance to just sit an enjoy the codex.

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