Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Sailor Moon Crystal #14

By Christina Ladd on

We left off with Usagi facing off again against Queen Metalia, this time in the new and improved regalia of her fully realized Princesshood.  She blasts Metalia with the awakened Silver Crystal, and it has…absolutely no effect.  Well, that’s not true.  It makes Metalia stronger. Given that our entire experience with Metalia has demonstrated that …

Thunderbirds: Interview with Chris Birch and Matt Leacock

By Phillip Canada on

We here at Geekly Inc. have previously written about the Kickstarter for Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game . Now several of the stretch goals have been funded allowing for four expansions and a role playing aspect! Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to Chris Birch from publisher Modiphius Entertainment and designer Matt Leacock about Thunderbirds …