Tribes Ascend: Fast as Shazbot

By doug on

Tribes: Ascend follows a lot of norms that most shooters have, but overall, Tribes: Ascend is unlike any other shooter you have ever played. The predominant mechanic in Tribes is the combination of skiing and jetpacking. Most maps, whether they are arena or CTF will start you off on top of a hill. By holding down the space-bar, your character will enter a frictionless state known as skiing. There, they will slide down the hill and pick up enormous speed.

UFC 3 Review – Xbox 360 Version

By parie on

UFC 3 is by far the most immersive game of the series and for the price of a single UFC pay-per-view event you can experience dozens of unique events. This iteration of the game takes the level of detail of career mode and the fights to a new level. The game is packed full of …

Serious Sam BFE Review

By Michael DiMauro on

Get out your stone washed jeans and ask Guy Fieri if you can borrow his sunglasses–Serious Sam is back. Serious Sam BFE seems like it was cryogenically frozen in the early 90s and has just been thawed out. The Serious Engine 3.5 does give it a new coat of paint, but doesn’t do anything to …

Mass Effect 3 Review – Choices

By dao on

Mass Effect 3 is not only the culmination of five years and three games’ worth of storytelling, but an experience that has set the bar in video game narrative. Mass Effect 3 does manage to do new things, and the game does manage to pull at the your heartstrings, but at the end, it also leave a lot to be desired.