DC Rebirth Rundown: Superman

By Kieran Bennett on

DC Comics is reinventing itself yet again, relaunching all its titles and bringing in some fresh creative teams. Last week we had a look at all the new Batman books that would be launching. Some were interesting, others less so. But what about Superman? DC’s oldest and possibly most recognizable property is also given the …

Old Man Logan #1 Review - Marvel Comics

Geeky Gift Guide: Books & Comics

By geeklyinc on

The Library at Mount Char – for your friend who loves Tarantino and David Fincher, anyone who prefers White Wolf to D&D, fans of Lovecraft, librarians, anyone whose favorite Christmas movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. City of Stairs – for the person in your gaming group who always figures out the optimal moves (and …

Clean Room #1 Review: A Pink and Promising Start

By Christina Ladd on

The Clean Room #1 is a tantalizing first step into a world that is altogether a little too familiar.  Everything is overexposed–in graphic detail–but somehow still full of hidden agendas. Each character’s story immediately dramatically unfair, and madness is in ample supply. It’s a comic very much for and about this suspicious generation, weaned on corporate marketing …