MLB 12 The Show Review – Vita Version

By Michael DiMauro on

If you own a Vita, and are trying to choose between the two, I suggest getting the Vita version over the PS3. It isn’t quite as beautiful, and it only has most of the gameplay modes, but it is so darn close, that the freedom of having it on a handheld easily wins out. Maybe next year when owning a Vita is more common, it will be a harder decision, but for now, go with the Vita version all the way.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review: Losing the War Against the Tua-Blah

By Tim Lanning on

Very few games deserve to be trimmed of content as much as Reckoning. The inevitable plot twist only mustered an “Oh neat” out of me after so many hours of mediocre gameplay and story. There is a fun game to be found within Reckoning, but without a guide you would have no idea which quests you should spend your time on. It isn’t that Reckoning is terrible; it is more that it falls short of most of its peers and what goals it sets for itself.

I Am Alive Review

By doug on

Inventory: Two cans of food, one fruit cocktail, three pieces of burnt rat meat, one bottle of water, one piton, machete, bow with one arrow, and pistol with three bullets. This is the most prepared I have been in my experience with Ubisoft Shanghai’s post-apocalyptic survival game, I Am Alive.