Clean Room #1 Review: A Pink and Promising Start

By Christina Ladd on

The Clean Room #1 is a tantalizing first step into a world that is altogether a little too familiar.  Everything is overexposed–in graphic detail–but somehow still full of hidden agendas. Each character’s story immediately dramatically unfair, and madness is in ample supply. It’s a comic very much for and about this suspicious generation, weaned on corporate marketing …

Guardians of the Galaxy #1

Last Song Before Night Review: The Secret Chord

By Christina Ladd on

Apparently it’s music week here at Geekly, because after the punk-rock showdown that was The Unnoticeables, we now have Last Song Before Night, a decidedly different take on what happens when you mix magic and musicians. Ilana C. Myer’s debut—coming out today!—introduces us to a world of uneasy peace between the vast network of musician-poets …