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This year’s charity stream was incredible. We set the goal for the stream at $15,000, the highest goal we’ve ever had and with minutes to spare, you all smashed it!

By the end of the stream you had raised $15,101.77!* Incredible considering what everyone has been through over the last few years.

GeeklyInc will also be donating all proceeds from the Twitch stream from all the bits and subscriptions etc once we have worked out what that is (this post will be updated with that figure).

A huge thank you to everyone involved. Whether you donated to The Trevor Project, appeared on the stream, or just gave us moral support in the chat, we couldn’t have done it without all of you!

Thank you to all of the GeeklyInc hosts who joined the stream from ‘Greetings Adventurers’, ‘Naruto Reviewto’‘Cthulhu & Friends’, ‘Taverns and Caverns’, ‘Inks & Issues’, and ‘No Page Unturned’. An extra-special thank you to our guests from the ‘Queuetimes’ network, ‘Hikikomori’, ‘Brute Force’, and the ‘S House Studio’ podcast network; who all donated their time and their talents to fill the stream with entertainment.

Thanks also go to the companies and people who donated items for our prize giveaways; ‘Slugfest Games’, ‘Brotherwise Games’‘Raw Fury’‘Greater than Games’, ‘Die Hard Dice’, ‘Roll20’, Pat Edwards, Nika Howard, and Mike Bachmann.

On behalf of everyone here at GeeklyInc, a huge thank you to you all for your support during the stream. You really stepped up to the challenge and this stream would not work if we didn’t have such an amazing community.

We’re extremely grateful for everyone in this community and are very proud of each and every one of you.

Thank you all, so much.

*At the time of writing this, we’re sitting at $15,333.77. The donation page will stay open for the rest of the year, so you can still support the cause if you would like to.

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