BY ON March 23rd, 2012

Snowboarding games, my long lost love, you have finally returned. The past SSX games were great, but with this new iteration, things are brought to a whole new level. The jumps are bigger, the tricks are crazier, and the graphics are gorgeous. This is the kind of game that will ruin your life under the right circumstances.

BY ON March 20th, 2012

The game is beautiful, it’s fully voiced, and the combo-based action is more than a little satisfying. The only problem is that if Dynasty Warriors has already worn out its welcome for you, then Next isn’t going to do a single thing to change your mind.

BY ON March 20th, 2012

GameFly is doing another huge used game sale. All games are guaranteed to work. Below is just a sampling of the games available. Some of these will sell out quick.

BY ON March 19th, 2012

Hello beautiful and wonderful Winterfellas! We return for our penultimate book club episode to discuss some of the bloodiest chapters in A Game of Thrones! War is breaking out across both Westeros and Essos, and that means no one is safe. Deals are being made to keep people alive, but we all know that everything …

BY ON March 12th, 2012

It’s another crazy week in Westeros! The Lannisters make their move inside King’s Landing while Arya and Sansa try to stay alive. Naturally, Arya kills a stable boy and Sansa runs crying to her family’s enemies. Even the wall has heated up, zombie heat that is! Winterfell doesn’t want to be left out of the …

BY ON March 11th, 2012

Overall, if you’re a fan of the Uncharted series, I would call this a must-play for Vita owners. While it doesn’t add much to the canon, it is a blast to play. If you’re not already a fan of Uncharted, I don’t see Uncharted: Golden Abyss changing your mind.

BY ON March 9th, 2012

Sumioni: Demon Arts is an action/platformer for the PS Vita that is inspired by classical Japanese “sumi-e” ink art, and boy does it look gorgeous. The game will rely heavily on the Vita’s front and rear touch screens to create ink strokes that the player can interact with or use to destroy their enemies. Check out the announcement trailer below to see the game in action.

BY ON March 7th, 2012

Very few games deserve to be trimmed of content as much as Reckoning. The inevitable plot twist only mustered an “Oh neat” out of me after so many hours of mediocre gameplay and story. There is a fun game to be found within Reckoning, but without a guide you would have no idea which quests you should spend your time on. It isn’t that Reckoning is terrible; it is more that it falls short of most of its peers and what goals it sets for itself.

BY ON March 5th, 2012

In this installment of the Game of Thrones Book Club , we take a good long look at Eddard as he blunders through 4 chapters. We also take a trip across the Narrow Sea and witness Dany eating her first horse heart, then we head up to the wall because Jon is being emo. In addition, …

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