BY ON June 25th, 2012

The hiatus between Seasons 2 and 3 of Game of Thrones is dark and full of tailor-made Cast of Thrones episodes. This week we discuss Season 2 and we do not skimp on spoilers for the series. In the first part, Thrifty, Jennifer, Tim and Nick discuss how the “show version” could lead into Season …

BY ON June 18th, 2012

Hello, humans of all genderal and sexual persuasions, and welcome once again to Wine, Women and Westeros! Just like last year’s episode, Wine, Women and Westeros is a very special lady podcast that focuses on the women of the Game of Thrones universe. In part one of this season’s WWW, Jennifer and her friends Annie …

BY ON June 11th, 2012

We know what you are thinking, Season 2 is over and there is no Game of Thrones left to be had until next year. Well the cast of Cast of Thrones is here to tell you that you are dead wrong! Not only do we have the GOTYE (Game of Thrones Year Endie) Awards this …

BY ON June 6th, 2012

This Far Cry 3 trailer has some adult themes. You might want to put on your big boy pants before you watch it.

BY ON June 6th, 2012

Did you miss your chance to buy Cards Against Humanity in the 10 minutes before it sold out? Well, thanks to the lovely Nick Bristow, you now have a chance to win a copy. For free! Check out the widget below to see what you need to do to enter! a Rafflecopter giveaway

BY ON June 6th, 2012

With heavy hearts and hearty laughs we honored Game of Thrones’ season finale. Don’t be too sad, there will be much more Cast of Thrones to come during the hiatus. Never fear, loyal Winterfellas, between the seasons it is dark and full of terror but we are here to keep your path lit. Too many …

BY ON June 5th, 2012

Wow, just wow. I heard that the trailer for The Last of Us was intense but I wasn’t prepared for the grim world that it created. The combat seems to be focusing on the danger that only a few enemies can bring. Check it out when it is released for PS3 sometime in the unknown …

BY ON June 5th, 2012

  Are you ready for a handful of scenes from the new Star Wars game? I hope you are because you are reading a bit of word flavoring so it looks like we put in some effort before we posted this video. Let’s face it, you are here for the beautiful video and jaw dropping …

BY ON June 5th, 2012

Now new Nintendo console would be complete without a Mario game. Check out the trailer above!

BY ON June 5th, 2012

Get ready to have the icicles melted off your cold, lifeless heart. It will probably feel prickly and burny at first, but it is totally worth it. Check out the adorableness.

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