Lost Ark

By Nika Howard on

If you are anything like me, you are probably a fan of MMORPGs. Here is some news on a new one coming out next year. So what is different with this one? Why stop playing WoW or Diablo to pick this up? Well the graphics are beautiful and if you don’t like the idea of …

Tropico 5

Tropico 5 Beta Signups Available Now

By Mike Bachmann on

In this, our post Snowden America, we know you’re jonesing to give your sensitive personal data to just a few more people. We also know that you love you some Tropico. Satisfy both of those urges by signing up for the Tropico 5 beta right here. The beta is due to begin in March and …

Super Mario Bros X Title Screen

Rust! What is Rust?

By Tim Lanning on

While I still barely understand what Rust is, I have a great time in this video. My understanding is that it captures how strange Rust can be at times. Hope you like it! *Contains 2pac murder* From what I have gathered, little crafting game joke for ya, Rust is a mix of DayZ and Minecraft. …